Fargo Enterprises, Inc. is an ever-changing company specializing in the needs of the photo & jewelry trades. With our staff’s background and training in Photography and Camera Repair, these areas will obviously be our strongest points of everything that we do offer.


We try to stay on the cutting edge of Technology to be able to offer the industry the latest and greatest. With the photo industry changing at the speed they are, we help by filling the voids left by bigger companies pulling out of an area. Being flexible, we are also able to fill voids that the mega companies have not had time to fill yet or choose not to fill.


So why the jewelry trade too? Back in the day of mechanical cameras, many camera repairmen use to also do watch repair. Micro-Tools got its start supplying the camera repairmen with their tools. With the change in times, the camera and watch repair industries have downsized where the jewelry side of the trade has grown.


The menu on the left here is just a small part of what we do. Please do take a tour of some of our specialty divisions and if you have a particular interest or need that we might be able to fill, please do let us know about it.