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Wholesale Division

Fargo Enterprises, Inc. is a Master Distributor for the following brands to the Jewelry trade.

Donegan Optical Company, Inc. since 1952, has been manufacturing precision visual aids for industry, home, office and crafts. Donegan products are 100% USA fabricated in our Lenexa, Kansas facility where we are fully equipped for precision glass grinding and polishing, injection and compression plastic molding, and design and tool development. Quality is our goal from the design to the finished product.

EZ Bracelet Sizers are a must for every beader. Make bracelets fit the first time every time. No more restringing wasted beading wire wasted crimps or wasted time. Made of heavy roller polished vinyl for years of use. Lightweight and easy to take with you everywhere.

Foredom rotary tools & flexible shaft machines are built to industrial standards. Foredom is known for quality and reliability. Some people say Foredom – when they mean any Flexible Shaft Machine. Flex shafts are used for many jobs including grinding, deburring, carving, engraving, stone setting, and polishing on virtually any material. A complete Foredom flexible shaft machine has a motor that rotates a flexible shaft connected to a precision handpiece, plus – it needs a speed control adjustable by foot or hand.


Micromotors and bench lathes are other rotary tools that Foredom makes.

  • Micromotors have ‘micro-sized’ power tool motors inside of the handpiece and a cord connected to a control box that permit high speed operation – some prefer these to a flexible shaft. We even have a portable micomotor, powered by a lithium ion battery, that can be used on-the-go for hours.
  • Foredom bench lathes are powerful, compact and useful for many grinding, buffing and polishing applications.

Garland Manufacturing Company


Rawhide & Weighted Rawhide Mallets

Garland's all-rawhide mallets are made of tough, long-wearing, water buffalo rawhide. They're ideal for use on broad-faced striking surfaces in a broad range of applications. Garland is the ONLY USA manufacturer of Rawhide Mallets.
Plastic Mallets
Garland's plastic mallets are made from Garland's own Gar-Dur ultra-high-molecular-weight plastic. This nonporous material won't mar and is easy to clean.

Grobet's full line of Swiss pattern files delivers superior performance. They are simply the best files you can buy. The finest heat tempered chrome alloy steel provides the “right” feel, action, and balance demanded by attentive craftsmen. The most advanced CNC equipment and the best available robotic technology ensures that Grobet files are manufactured to the highest standards of dimensional accuracy, cutting performance, and service life. All Grobet products adhere to strict Quality Control procedures at each level of manufacturing. Every finished tool is individually tested to ensure superior quality.


G-S Supplies, Inc., founded in 1916, is the manufacturer of G-S Hypo Cement.  This pinpoint precision applicator adhesive dries crystal clear and stays flexible, making it perfect for a wide variety of applications. As a tried and tested product since the 1930s, G-S Hypo Cement is ideal for watchmaking, jewelry making, beading, precision repair, industrial assembly, camera repair, hobbies, model building and optical applications. 


G-S is also a manufacturer and distributor of plastic and glass watch crystals and gauge windows.  They offer custom design and manufacturing services for watch crystals, clocks, lockets, pendants, fine jewelry, gauge windows, technology and industrial devices. We pride ourselves on finding creative design solutions in mineral glass, sapphire, Gorilla® and soda lime glass, acrylic and other materials. G-S products are distributed worldwide into multiple industries: Watch and Jewelry Repair, Gauge Manufacturing and Repair, Watch and Jewelry Design, Beading, Hobby and Craft, Hardware, Precision Assembly, Wearable Technology, Optical, Aeronautics and Camera Repair. 


Hughes Associates LLC is the manufacturer of the ever so popular Epoxy 220 and Epoxy 330.

MAGNI-CLIPS® are magnifiers that clip onto the bridge of your glasses, they can be flipped up when not in use and put down over your glasses for close up work.


The MAGNI-CLIPS® are light weight and rimless so as not to distract from your work. Excellent for all types of hand embroidery and close up work.

Tronex was founded in Napa, California in 1982, Tronex Technology, Inc. currently resides in Fairfield California and has become a world leader in the design and manufacturer of precision hand cutting tools and pliers. Their plies and cutters are made in their factory just 10 miles down the road from Micro-Tools in Fairfield, Ca USA.


Tronex offers most all of their pliers and cutters in two different handle lengths. The shorter handled cutter in the image to the left is their "Standard" handle and the longer one is their "Ergonomic" handle. Finding the right handle to fit "YOUR" hands is something that your hands will thank you for. Tronex is the only premium brand to offer their tools in two different handle lengths.

Xuron Corp. is pleased to bring you an assortment of the same high quality Micro-Shear® Flush Cutters and Pliers we have supplied to the civilian and military electronics and aerospace industries for over 40 years. They are confident you will find their quality, performance and value to be of the highest standard.

What makes Xuron® Micro-Shear® Flush Cutters so unique? It’s the blade by-pass cutting method – put simply, the blades cut by shearing as opposed to compression. The result is a clean, square cut requiring little, or no, post-cut clean up.

Along with a selection of Micro-Shear® Flush Cutters, they also manufacture a variety of Pliers, Scissors and Specialty Products for consumer applications ranging from model railroading to plastic kit building to jewelry making to home do-it-yourself projects.

All Xuron® brand products are manufactured at their factory in Saco, Maine USA.

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